Garianno Lorenzo: Why Our Voices Change During Puberty

Garianno Lorenzo fills the roles of CEO of Giant Media, Inc, a company focused on producing films, and CVO (chief visionary officer) of Uncore Sound Alchemy. On behalf of Uncore, Garianno Lorenzo recently announced Freedom of Expression, or FOE, a technology that allows users to clone any voice. Uncore performed tests to perfectly recreate the voices of John Lennon and Michael Jackson. Using FOE, those two musical legends could sing a new duet together, a possibility that only scratches the surface of what Uncore’s work has to offer.

Each of us possesses a voice unique to us. During puberty, that voice changes, often warbling between a deep, sonorous tuba and a screeching violin. What causes these changes? When air moves through our trachea, special folds in the voice box strum like guitar chords. From there, our nose, mouth, and throat produce the unique sound of our voice, like a special horn only you can sound.

That process remains the same before, during, and after puberty. Instruments like the voice box, or larynx, undergo certain changes. Think of those changes like tightening loose strings on a guitar. When boys and girls begin puberty, their larynxes grow, stretching out the vocal chords until they tighten and hold firm. Once the strings are tightened, the guitar makes deeper sounds when plucked. Until the strings tighten, however, the strings can sound high and crackly.


About gariannolorenzo

Garianno Lorenzo is a respected veteran of the entertainment and technology industries. Garianno Lorenzo will soon introduce new cloning technology.
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