Garianno Lorenzo on the Release of Voice Clone

With more than two decades of experience in film, Garianno Lorenzo has worked on Grammy- winning projects and has won two MTV video sales awards. Mr. Lorenzo says his team’s new voice technology, Freedom of Expression, or FOE for short, will usher in the future of the film and music industries.

The voice-cloning program takes a recorded human voice sample and replicates its unique sound and intonation. Users can input any text they want to create original compositions spoken by the sampled voice. In testing, the program has already sampled and created compositions by Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and Richard Nixon, among others.

When released, FOE will open creative possibilities for film producers. Without the confines of copyright infringement laws, they’ll be able to create scenes between actors or historical figures, dead or alive, and develop original duets between famous singers.

Mr. Lorenzo says the possibilities are limitless, and his team is anxious to release the product. Until its release date, further details about the software-hardware product are being held private for security reasons.


About gariannolorenzo

Garianno Lorenzo is a respected veteran of the entertainment and technology industries. Garianno Lorenzo will soon introduce new cloning technology.
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