How Digital Music Changed Forever: Garianno Lorenzo and George Benson

The book Hard Disk Recording for Musicians by David Miles Huber is a comprehensive guide to digital music, and it covers equipment, techniques, and processes of digital audio, as well as digital signal processing, real-world applications, and computer-based sound editing. The book chronicles the pioneering work of music industry expert Garianno Lorenzo in working with the Roland Corporation to record the first major recording artist, George Benson, a multiple Grammy Award winner, using hard-disk digital recording technology.

This collaboration ended analog tape recording and changed the future of digital music and video. The song Mr. Lorenzo produced for Mr. Benson, which represented a major technological breakthrough in the music industry, went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Garianno Lorenzo is now putting his visionary efforts to work at Beverly Hills, California’s Giant Media, Inc., working on another technology-based venture, Voice Clone, which allows users to create original authorships from any live or recorded voice.


About gariannolorenzo

Garianno Lorenzo is a respected veteran of the entertainment and technology industries. Garianno Lorenzo will soon introduce new cloning technology.
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