Giant Media CEO Garianno Lorenzo on Uncore Sound Alchemy

The Uncore Sound Alchemy voice technology venture led by Giant Media’s Chief Executive Officer, Garianno Lorenzo, has created “waves” around the world. The venture gives the music and film industries a new level of freedom of expression and creativity through the flawless mathematical creation of any human voice. Using an audio sample of the voice, the software generates an algorithm that recreates the voice box of the subject flawlessly. This allows a user to type in text and generate speeches, statements, questions, and even songs.

During the rigorous testing process initiated by Garianno Lorenzo, a conversation was created between American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., and former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Although the conversation never took place, the audio file was enough to pass forensic tests and fool the human ear. Later testing took the software’s capabilities to a whole new level. The voices of Michael Jackson and John Lennon were used to compose a completely original duet.

Garianno Lorenzo believes this revolutionary technology could be the future of music and film, as it allows recording artists the opportunity to release duets with musical legends, dead or alive, without breaching copyright in any way.


About gariannolorenzo

Garianno Lorenzo is a respected veteran of the entertainment and technology industries. Garianno Lorenzo will soon introduce new cloning technology.
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