Garianno Lorenzo’s Uncore May Be the Next Big Thing in Music

Garianno Lorenzo is no stranger to working with big talent (his past clients include Mark Wahlberg and New Kids on the Block), but he may be seeking a way to pass the talent altogether to make music. How can you make music without any big stars? The answer is computer software, of course. Through its new voice clone product, FOE (Freedom of Expression), Garianno Lorenzo’s tech venture Uncore Sound Alchemy may be the most recent example of music making of the past has been accented with technology of the future.

Electronics have been a part of music since Thaddeus Cahill developed the Telharmonium at the end of the 19th century. Experimental musicians dabbled with electronics for the next half century, but it did not catch on until Robert Moog pioneered the synthesizer and it was used by Wendy Carlos in her groundbreaking album Switched-On Bach. The album was integral in bringing electronics to the forefront of popular music.

Uncore could be a big change in the field of electronic music. Being able to duplicate any performer’s voice has numerous advantages. Much as musicians no longer have to have a big band to get a fully realized sound, no longer will musicians be forced to pay exorbitant fees for big voice talent. They will be restricted only by their imaginations.

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Garianno Lorenzo: Why Our Voices Change During Puberty

Garianno Lorenzo fills the roles of CEO of Giant Media, Inc, a company focused on producing films, and CVO (chief visionary officer) of Uncore Sound Alchemy. On behalf of Uncore, Garianno Lorenzo recently announced Freedom of Expression, or FOE, a technology that allows users to clone any voice. Uncore performed tests to perfectly recreate the voices of John Lennon and Michael Jackson. Using FOE, those two musical legends could sing a new duet together, a possibility that only scratches the surface of what Uncore’s work has to offer.

Each of us possesses a voice unique to us. During puberty, that voice changes, often warbling between a deep, sonorous tuba and a screeching violin. What causes these changes? When air moves through our trachea, special folds in the voice box strum like guitar chords. From there, our nose, mouth, and throat produce the unique sound of our voice, like a special horn only you can sound.

That process remains the same before, during, and after puberty. Instruments like the voice box, or larynx, undergo certain changes. Think of those changes like tightening loose strings on a guitar. When boys and girls begin puberty, their larynxes grow, stretching out the vocal chords until they tighten and hold firm. Once the strings are tightened, the guitar makes deeper sounds when plucked. Until the strings tighten, however, the strings can sound high and crackly.

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Garianno Lorenzo on the Release of Voice Clone

With more than two decades of experience in film, Garianno Lorenzo has worked on Grammy- winning projects and has won two MTV video sales awards. Mr. Lorenzo says his team’s new voice technology, Freedom of Expression, or FOE for short, will usher in the future of the film and music industries.

The voice-cloning program takes a recorded human voice sample and replicates its unique sound and intonation. Users can input any text they want to create original compositions spoken by the sampled voice. In testing, the program has already sampled and created compositions by Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, Michael Jackson, and Richard Nixon, among others.

When released, FOE will open creative possibilities for film producers. Without the confines of copyright infringement laws, they’ll be able to create scenes between actors or historical figures, dead or alive, and develop original duets between famous singers.

Mr. Lorenzo says the possibilities are limitless, and his team is anxious to release the product. Until its release date, further details about the software-hardware product are being held private for security reasons.

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How Digital Music Changed Forever: Garianno Lorenzo and George Benson

The book Hard Disk Recording for Musicians by David Miles Huber is a comprehensive guide to digital music, and it covers equipment, techniques, and processes of digital audio, as well as digital signal processing, real-world applications, and computer-based sound editing. The book chronicles the pioneering work of music industry expert Garianno Lorenzo in working with the Roland Corporation to record the first major recording artist, George Benson, a multiple Grammy Award winner, using hard-disk digital recording technology.

This collaboration ended analog tape recording and changed the future of digital music and video. The song Mr. Lorenzo produced for Mr. Benson, which represented a major technological breakthrough in the music industry, went on to be nominated for a Grammy Award. Garianno Lorenzo is now putting his visionary efforts to work at Beverly Hills, California’s Giant Media, Inc., working on another technology-based venture, Voice Clone, which allows users to create original authorships from any live or recorded voice.

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Garianno Lorenzo: How Voice Clone Differs from Voice Recognition Technology

Garianno Lorenzo and a team of programmers have developed a voice clone program that flawlessly produces original speech of a person—living or deceased—after pulling from a short voice sample. Mr. Lorenzo has worked in film and media for more than 20 years and says this new software/hardware combination will change how we conceive of the entertainment industry. He emphasizes that the program, which might be named Voice Clone or iDolly, differs from voice recognition.

Voice technologies have come a long way in the last few decades. Speech recognition has commonly been used to help people with speech disabilities or professionals who want to transcribe dictations and meetings. Voice Clone goes a step further.

Mr. Lorenzo explains that the new voice technology is able to create fully cloned, original speech that is indiscernible from the person’s real voice. This program will take whatever speech a user types in and then render the words in the authentic voice of a sampled individual.

The new technology has exciting implications for the music and film industry. Voice Clone would allow a singer to collaborate on an original song with a deceased performer or allow a deceased historical figure to make an appearance in a film under the guise of his or her real voice.

The product will launch at some point in the relatively near future.

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Garianno Lorenzo on Using Voice Technology to Improve and Build upon Recordings

With more than 20 years of experience in film, music, and publishing, Garianno Lorenzo received the Governor’s Award and was invited to the White House for his work as a writer. Recently, he and his team have developed a software/hardware project, called Uncore Sound Alchemy, that revolutionizes voice technology.

Lorenzo reports that the program generates perfect renditions of any human voice, after sampling a voice clip. The program is then able to generate original speech in that individual’s voice, containing none of the words used in the audio sample input. 

The program, names FOE (Freedom of Expression), could also be used to enhance the quality of previously recorded speeches by eliminating feedback noise, cutting out background noise, and adding to the speech. This has exciting implications for creating original speeches within a historical context for films, for example.

The program is so foolproof that audio specialists cannot discern real speech from computer-generated speech.

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Giant Media CEO Garianno Lorenzo on Uncore Sound Alchemy

The Uncore Sound Alchemy voice technology venture led by Giant Media’s Chief Executive Officer, Garianno Lorenzo, has created “waves” around the world. The venture gives the music and film industries a new level of freedom of expression and creativity through the flawless mathematical creation of any human voice. Using an audio sample of the voice, the software generates an algorithm that recreates the voice box of the subject flawlessly. This allows a user to type in text and generate speeches, statements, questions, and even songs.

During the rigorous testing process initiated by Garianno Lorenzo, a conversation was created between American civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., and former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. Although the conversation never took place, the audio file was enough to pass forensic tests and fool the human ear. Later testing took the software’s capabilities to a whole new level. The voices of Michael Jackson and John Lennon were used to compose a completely original duet.

Garianno Lorenzo believes this revolutionary technology could be the future of music and film, as it allows recording artists the opportunity to release duets with musical legends, dead or alive, without breaching copyright in any way.

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